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Research and Conservation 

One of the Georgia Aquarium’s goals is to be a leading facility for aquatic animal conservation and research. The Georgia Aquarium conducts research to improve husbandry methods, develop innovative and exciting new exhibits, contribute to the understanding of the underwater world and apply new discoveries to the conservation of aquatic life. Every day, researchers in the Aquarium’s exhibits and labs are learning more about marine life in order to develop new methods of animal care and veterinary medicine. By combining field research with the study of on-site animals in a controlled environment, the Aquarium is contributing to the advancement of human knowledge in the area of animal science.

Belugas in Alaska             Georgia Aquarium has helped pioneer health assessments for beluga whales in Alaska since 2008.

Whale Sharks in Mexico             Georgia Aquarium has been involved in field research on whale sharks since 2005.

Dolphins in Florida            Georgia Aquarium is dedicated to the understanding of dolphins through Rescue, Research, Rehabilitation and Responsibility. 

Sea Turtles in Georgia       Through our 4R Program, we are able to rehabilitate and release loggerhead sea turtles back into their natural habitats.

Coral Restoration                  Since inception, Georgia Aquarium has been committed to the conservation of coral species and coral reefs.

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