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Getting Smart(er) About Sharks

Getting Smart(er) About Sharks
New sand tiger breeding facility could produce data that impacts this iconic shark species

November 21, 2016

Written by Paige Hale, Public Relations Specialist 

Next time you visit Marineland Dolphin Adventure, you may notice a few new residents in Neptune Park. Additional sand tiger sharks (Carcharia taurus) have joined Marineland from Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium and Ripley’s Aquariums. So why are these sand tiger sharks at Marineland Dolphin Adventure, exactly?

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Google's Field Trip Days 2016


Google's Field Trip Days

November 14, 2016

Written by: Kristyn Tumbleson, Director of Education

This week marks the second year Georgia Aquarium is hosting Google’s Field Trip Days in partnership with Google. We are thrilled to participate in this nation-wide celebration of education and to be presenting one of the largest events in the country. As director of education here at Georgia Aquarium, I am personally excited to be a part of this unique event, connecting students to experiences beyond the classroom.  

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Saving Reefs: Coral Spawn Update


Saving the Reefs: Coral Spawning Update

November  13, 2016

In August 2016, Georgia Aquarium researchers, along with other conservation focused organizations, assisted the Coral Restoration Foundation with staghorn coral spawn collection in Key Largo, Florida. This year marks the third annual spawning trip Aquarium researchers have participated in, but the first-ever trip where coral gametes of these endangered species were brought back to Georgia Aquarium. This is such an astounding milestone for Georgia Aquarium to partake in this extremely delicate process of growing coral in a controlled environment.

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