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Google's Field Trip Days 2016


Google's Field Trip Days

November 14, 2016

Written by: Kristyn Tumbleson, Director of Education

This week marks the second year Georgia Aquarium is hosting Google’s Field Trip Days in partnership with Google. We are thrilled to participate in this nation-wide celebration of education and to be presenting one of the largest events in the country. As director of education here at Georgia Aquarium, I am personally excited to be a part of this unique event, connecting students to experiences beyond the classroom.  

Google’s Field Trip Days is taking place all week from Nov. 14-18 and is a week full of exploration, collaboration, and solution seeking. Last year we hosted elementary level classes, and this year we are welcoming classes in grades 6-8 from Title I schools. Through Google’s generousity, the schools receive free admission, lunch and transportation. This sponsorship is so great because with transportation usually the inhibiting factor for schools to visit, it allows us expand to our reach geographically, inspiring students who have never been to the Aquarium let alone the city of Atlanta.

As a former middle and high school teacher at a Title I school, I know what a privilege it is to have Georgia Aquarium as my “classroom.” Middle school is such a critical time for learning and it is known that engagement in school begins to drop in the earlier years of it. The number one question I would always get from my middle school students is “why am I learning this?” The Aquarium provides a really unique context to directly respond to those questions, showing how what is being learned in the classroom is applied in the field. Not necessarily just in science, but throughout all STEAM-related subjects. That’s why this Google’s Field Trips Day, we’re focusing on STEAM, so that whatever a student is interested in, it is creating a pathway for them to see a career here in our institution, and also to see a pathway to stewardship for the aquatic environment.

As a teacher and educator you want to do all you can in your power to expose students to real world opportunities and provide hope for their future. My desire is that this week will serve as a spark and catalyst to all the students who visit, inspiring them to pursue STEAM subjects in high school, college and beyond. My passion is ensuring that every student, regardless of their circumstances, has access to a quality education and to the community resources necessary to pursue a choice-filled life.

In addition to Google's Field Trip Days, we will also be launching our STEAM Forward video series. This series is designed to answer those "why are we learning this" questions, and highlight the STEAM career pathways that exist within our organizations.The series and corresponding curricular materials are designed to increase proficiency in STEAM subjects by reinforcing the content being learned in the classroom, and to inspire students to study STEAM subjects in school and pursue careers in STEAM fields. You can check out our video playlist here.

For more information on Georgia Aquarium’s educational programs, visit To learn more about Georgia Aquarium’s Sponsored Education Admissions (SEA) program, visit

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