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Ecotour 2012

Header photo taken by: Matt Wallace

August 10, 2012 

Eco-Tour 2012 in Mexico

Written by Stephanie Brown, Georgia Aquarium Membership Manager & Eco-Tour 2012 Group Leader.

Georgia Aquarium’s research team was recently in Mexico “chasing science” (read about it here), but did you know Dr. Al’s team was joined by a group of eco-tourists, hosted by David Kimmel, President, and Stephanie Brown, Membership Manager? Every year as the whale shark aggregation arrives off the coast of Cancun, our research team preps for cool science and a group of guests prep for a week of whale shark sightings, fun in the sun and some authentic Mexican culture.

Eco-tourists prepare to swim alongside a whale shark

This past July, a group of Georgia Aquarium supporters joined us for a week adventure and excitement as they experienced our research and conservation programs first-hand during our 2012 Eco-Tour.

Upon our arrival in Cancun, we were greeted by our guides from Caribbean Connection who came with the good news – the whale sharks were spotted at the aggregation that morning and we should have wonderful weather for our first full day on the boat. The excitement was contagious and as the team woke early the next day and prepped for our first boating adventure the sun greeted us with perfect weather. As our trip continued, the whale sharks continued to amaze, several manta rays joined us for a swim in the open ocean and dolphin pods greeted the boat.

Georgia Aquarium’s President, David Kimmel, prepares for to swim alongside a whale shark and manta ray

In total, we spent three fabulous days on the water, one day venturing to Chichen Itza and an evening with Georgia Aquarium’s research team as they shared tales of their research adventure. Swimming alongside whale sharks in the open ocean, learning from our research team first-hand and enjoying our blue planet is truly inspiring. Be on the lookout for 2013 Eco-Tour dates and join us for your own adventure!

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