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Whale Shark Visuals

August 15, 2012 

Whale Shark Tagging Visuals - Straight from the Field in Mexico!

Coinciding with Discovery’s Shark Week this week, our Director of Research and Conservation Dr. Al Dove is in Quintana Roo, Mexico to study whale shark aggregations. As part of his field research in Mexico, Dr. Al Dove is deploying satellite tags on a selection of whale sharks to determine where they go after they leave Mexico. Take a look at some of the special raw footage he sent us from the field!

Dr. Dove is targeting breeding age males and females and joined by Dr. Craig McClain, an expert in the evolution of body size and the Assistant Director of Science at the National Center for Evolutionary Synthesis in North Carolina.

Dr. Al Dove (@para_sight) has been keeping his fans and followers up to date on his whale shark research adventure on Twitter. Here are some of the incredible photographs he has shared with us:

"@para_sight: Great day of whale shark photo ID off Isla Contoy today. How's this for a smile? @GeorgiaAquarium #sharkweek"

"@para_sight: Whale #sharks feed vertically when food is abundant. Here's one we saw today #sharkweek @GeorgiaAquarium #DeepSN"

"@para_sight: We saw a lot of these remoras getting a free ride on the whale sharks today #sharkweek @GeorgiaAquarium"

"@para_sight: Ecotourism pressure on whale sharks here is intense. 71 boats in this photo! #sharkweek @GeorgiaAquarium"

"@para_sight: Another view: 6 whale sharks, 14 boats, 43 people in the water in this frame #sharkweek @GeorgiaAquarium"

For more updates on Dr. Dove and Dr. McClain's research efforts in Mexico this week, follow them on Twitter: @para_sight & @DrCraigMc.

Posted by Noele Crooks, Digital Media Team

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