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April 18, 2012

Thank You To All Our Volunteers!

Posted by: Alex Desiderio
Director of Training & Volunteer Operations at Georgia Aquarium

This week we celebrate National Volunteer Appreciation Week. Every day of the year, I appreciate the commitment of our volunteers to the success of our three organizations. These individuals are so giving of their time, and even more importantly, their passion, knowledge and abilities.

Our volunteers come from varying backgrounds and teach us every day what it means to be so generous. Our family of volunteers spend their time engaging guests, preparing the exhibits through diving, assisting our animal teams, and many other opportunities. This continued dedication will allow them as a group to exceed over one million hours in the first seven years of operation.

I thank our volunteers for all their hard work in making the Georgia Aquarium experience unique and special. I also think it is important to recognize the staff of our organizations for creating and supporting the efforts of our volunteers. With this teamwork, we all create amazing opportunities for one another and our guests!

To learn more about how to be involved in Georgia Aquarium's Volunteer Program, visit here.

As Director of Training & Volunteer Operations at Georgia Aquarium, Alex Desiderio oversees the training and preparation of volunteers and staff including orientation, safety, guest interactions and education about the Aquarium’s exhibits and animals.