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March 29, 2012

Georgia Aquarium Welcomes New Penguin Chicks!


We are very excited to announce that two new African penguin chicks have hatched at Georgia Aquarium! They were born in early January within two weeks of each other here at Georgia Aquarium and have been in the care of our animal training and veterinary staff members since hatching. Our new chicks will serve as animal ambassadors in the Aquarium's outreach programs, helping to raise awareness and educate guests about the threats penguins face in the wild.

Georgia Aquarium is a proud member of the African penguin Species Survival Plan (SSP), an organization that ensures the sustainability and longevity of species in human care. SSP has recommended that Georgia Aquarium breed these birds because they are genetically valuable in diversifying the population of African penguins in North America.

Make sure to check back as we will continue to share special updates, videos and photos of our cute new friends! 

For more details on the birth of our new penguin chicks, visit our Newsroom: Georgia Aquarium Welcomes First African Penguin Chicks 

Posted by:
Maureen Flaherty, Digital Media Specialist at Georgia Aquarium