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SOAW 2012

October 5, 2012 

Sea Otter Awareness Week 2012

Written by Diana Welty, Team Specialist for Training Services

If you didn’t have a chance to visit Georgia Aquarium during Sea Otter Awareness Week 2012, then you OTTER mark your calendars for next September!

Each year, during the last full week in September, Aquarium staff and volunteers come together to concentrate their efforts as ambassadors for sea otter conservation. This initiative is designed to draw attention to the importance of these endangered animals as a keystone species. Sea otters inhabit inshore ecosystems, specifically kelp forest environments and maintain the health of this ecosystem by consuming the sea urchins that consume kelp.


Georgia Aquarium is so proud to participate that in 2010 we petitioned Governor Perdue to declare Sea Otter Awareness Week an annual event in Georgia. His Proclamation made Georgia the first East Coast state to have this conservation initiative legislated!


What can you expect to see and do at Georgia Aquarium during Sea Otter Awareness Week? Guests are invited to enjoy sea otter training and enrichment sessions as well as participate in a variety of hands-on activities highlighting sea otter adaptations, their conservation needs and how we can all help. Whether guests participate in puppetry, storytelling, foraging activities or exploring sea otter artifacts, learning is accomplished with FUN!

A special feature this year is the Atlanta premiere of the documentary, Otter 501. This film shares the tale of an orphaned sea otter pup, #501, as it is rescued and rehabilitated for release back into its natural environment. Otter 501 has a personal connection for us at Georgia Aquarium because in 2010 we adopted three orphaned pups (#502, #509 and #510) through our 4R Program. In fact, this documentary includes footage of #510 being rescued! Our hope is that guests who view this documentary will gain a better appreciation for our commitment to conservation and how they can help ensure the survival of this species.

Learn more about how YOU can help conserve sea otters by clicking here and then clicking the "How YOU can Help" tab.

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